Matcha Makinohara Organic Green Tea


Our Makinohara Organic Matcha is a high quality koicha matcha, or "thin" tea, harvested and produced in Makinohara area of Shizuoka prefecture. It produces a deep green infusion with a strong marine and vegetal aroma and a smooth, slightly bitter taste. To prepare this tea, add a small amount, no more than half a tea spoon of powder to a bowl, add 1/3 cup of 60˚C water and whisk for a minute, until a thick foam is formed on top of the tea.

Ground tea leaves, hand-picked in Makinohara, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan in late April. Shizuoka (静岡県) prefecture is located on the southern coast of the main island Honshu. Shizuoka extends inland into mountainous region, which includes Mount Fuji on the north. Shizuoka is the largest major tea-growing region in Japan, it produces about 40% of the country's tea. Ashikubo valley and Makinohara Plateau are the centres of tea production.

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